Music Review: Meaku Feat. Yung/ “Blowin’ Me Up”



Meaku serves a slow song here that features a Yung verse to spice things up. “Blowin Me Up” is that love/ slow rap song placed on the shoulders of good beats and overall music balance.


There are piercing keyboard sounds underneath that raise the vibes as well as the kicks from the beats and all. Yung’s verse is okay, around average, with no extra great lines. Meaku is a little explicit, sings well but lacks creativity in terms of his writing. Again, the songs pinches a line from Bobby Valentino’s “Slow Down”, ridding it of some originality elements.


Overall, Blowin Me Up can serve as good stuff playing on the background on those cold nights with the significant other. Okay effort.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?




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