Music Review: IllBliss F. Cynthia Morgan/ Jamo

Consistence can get you any and everything in life, as well as in any and every form of Art involved. This consistency is the IllBliss story.



‘Jamo’ is already a couple weeks old and though isn’t that stupendous yet, there are moves in that light, plus there is the effervescent Ms. Morgan on the chorus, a lady whose presence on any piece evokes the utmost dancehall features like not been heard from this clime in a minute.






Illy wades through an otherwise complex set of beats, complex in it not being a fitting one for outright hip hop; and he cuts through with such mastery we want to give him a standing ovation. Actually, we do midway into the song. The rhyming and rhythmic patterns of “Jamo” are intense, laden with some rapper braggadocio and things; Illy interjects the Igbo language into his flows and the no-holds-barred Cynthia vocals – an absolute gem of a combo.



From where we listen, it is a mien of nonchalance mixed with competence and grittiness, the type of expression a Rooney would wear as he plays an archrival in a local derby. Or some El Classico type Messi-Ronaldo fest. Superb joint.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?







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