Music Review: Emmy Gee/ “Rands and Naira Remix”



Ordinarily, we don’t see why there’s a remix for the already stellar “Rands and Nairas”, but it is Emmy Gee’s prerogative so we are like ‘okay cool!


Ice Prince is, maybe, one of Nigeria’s most flourishing rap stars today. Setting something of an astronomical record that has us wondering if there are still chances his Choc City benefactor – MI Abaga – will overturn his shine, he goes in on this and reminds us why he is the prince of this rap movement. “Niggas they know they can’t f*ck wimma pay/ I’m riding around and I’m balling all day/ Pardon my confidence I am a b*tch”, he raps, in this no-holds-barred delivery that has him shouting out to some of his favorite cities in the world considering how much love they musta shown him on stage on tours and things.


The beats and production are unchanged from the original version, well, maybe some slight fine-tuning here and there; but largely it continues to play into the later parts of the 4minutes+ record until Phyno comes in, gritty and untamed, and sticks a dagger in the heart of things. He slices through the initial parts of his delivery beautifully; his intro is straight up gangster, giving us that Westside hip hop feel and many reasons to play back. The other guy before Phyno is mean as well, possessing something of a feral instinct buried in a dense fog of wordplay and poetic whatchamacallit.


In between these three, everything else is almost normal. There are no exceptional aspects of the song that wow us any more than the original version of it, but we love it regardless. We love the sweet-smelling feel of money and success chants and the verve and display that these young men bring to bare on the cut. Superdupa.





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