Music Review: D Prince F. Don Jazzy/ Oga Titus

The duo of Don Jazzy and D Prince serve us something worthwhile just as the year wraps up.



“Oga Titus” is some Highlife modified whatchamacallit, with all the fine finishing that is typical of a Jazzy production. Impressive. Jazzy’s strength lies in his adaptive innovation abilities, abilities that have seen him integrate his music with the ever evolving industry dynamics. Another plus for him.






The song fades with a sharp cut at 03:04; but not before we are thrilled proper good. The lyrics in this aren’t exactly anything worth thinking deep about, light stuff, the brothers were pretty much having fun recording this. Whispers of that hit song surround this as well, and the fusion of both is almost mercurial. Well, except for a few tweaks here and there which really don’t mar the effort in any way, we should add this to our list of December greats for 2014. And add we have. The style with which they both fade the singing on this on that 03:00+ mark is too cool for words, something better felt heard than read.



There is no real theme on this per se, except they seem to be advising against wanton frivolities of some men with the women folks, a bit of a pointer our men could use. Awesome stuff.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?




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