Music Review- Case by Teni

Teni Apata popularly known as Teni is a musician and songwriter, she is also a sister to the popular singer, Niniola. Teni the entertainer has been making waves in the industry ever since her inception, she has warmed up to the hearts of people all over Africa with her beautiful lyrics and free spirit. She broke into the music industry with her hit track, Fargin and Wait. The singer has written songs for many great Nigerian musicians like Davido. She is not exactly prepared to ‘fake it to make it’. Teni is a bubble, one that radiates fun and a pleasantly appealing character.

She recently blessed us with a music video to her hit track “Case”. The song basically talked about how she is ready to do anything for a person she likes/loves. The music video portrayed Teni’s character which is colorful, the video revolved around her and her friends stalking her “crush” in a supermarket. The video could have been more interesting and creative but overall it was quite simple,  full of color and life, the song itself is one that makes your heart warm with love, you’ll be shouting the lyrics loud just after two listens. See music video below, Enjoy!!




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