MTN Project Fame Week 5: Emeka, Geofery, Clement, Ruky, Daniella and Flourish Emerged as Top Performer For The Night

Clap along if you feel what happiness means to you!!!!! Once again contestants came out to thrill the audience as tonight – after their collective rendition of Pharell Williams’s hit “Happy” each contestants re-appeared to continue the quest of fulfilling their superstar dreams.


Cameras, Lights and action! Tonight all contestants brought together their A-game as they performed international billboard hit songs plus, guest judge, Banky W was live to witness the action.



Ruky kicked off the stage when she gave a “Goose Bumpy” to Miley Cyrus’s hit “wrecking Ball”, guest judge, Banky W who thought it was wonderfully done commended her awesome performance, Uncle Ben who also loved her performance advised in his words “Bad days are over, it’s time for sunshine”.



Taiwo wonderfully took on “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell which was nicely done. The judges thought it was a good attempt but advised him to improve more. The faculty who commended his diction and stage craft also agreed with the judges but promised to work on Taiwo.



Wild Card contestant, Daniella who was just beginning to settle in the Academy, “killed it” when she performed to one of Whitney Huston’s greatest hits “All The Man That I Need” – It was impressive.

The judges acknowledged they loved her performance and commended her that she owned the song. The faculty on the other hand was proud of her.


Next up was Ugo who was believable on stage as he performed the rock hit “This Love” by Maroon 5. The judges, who at first wondered if he would deliver, commended that he blew everyone’s mind and was very confident. Mummy J who acknowledged his generosity in the academy thought he owned the song.



Moving on, sexy Debbie who went emotional on stage and cried as she performed “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman.





The judges advised against her nerves which always got in the way of her performances, while the faculty – uncle Ben precisely advised her never to doubt herself and commended that she knows how to use her voice.


Imagine if Celine Dion were a black vocalist, well; Flourish who performance one of her biggest hit songs “I Love You” owned the song like never heard before.

The judges exclaimed that it was amazing, she was in-control and “welcome her back to the competition” (LOL). The faculty advised her to keep it up!

Emeka a.k.a Emekus who had diction issues was awesome and flawless as he performed John Legend’s “So High”. Guest judge, Banky W hailed him and commended his fantastic performance. The faculty thought it was simply breathe taking and beautiful to watch him!

Everyone’s favourite, Geoferry wowed the audience as he performed “All Of Me” by John Legend

The judges, who complimented him, also commended that he kept his performance in check. The faculty thought everyone appreciated his performance as well.

The Ladies man, Christian did great as he performed nicely to “My My My” by Johnny Gill.


The judges thought it was awesome but advised him not to get over confident. The judges thought he entertained everyone despite his voice lose.

And before the curtains fell, Clement “the Fighter” was very emotional as he performed Micheal Bolton’s “Back on My Feet”


Watch here:

The judges thought he did wonderful even though he’s in a crisis; they thought he delivered. The faculty commended him that he reminded everyone he’s in charge.


The judges picked Emeka, Flourish, Geofery, Clement, Ruky and Daniella as their top performers for the night!



As tonight’s show came to an end, guest judges, performer and Mr Capable performed on stage including his recent hits songs, “Lagos Party” and “Yes/No”; It was the perfect way to end the evening.



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