MTN Project Fame Elimination Night: It Was Lights Out For David

The competition has shifted, as sadly, one of the Project Fame West Africa contestants exited the competition tonight!


After last week performances, from different contestants, only four, Emeka, Clement, Shola and David were placed on probation.




To kick-off the probation show, songs from legendary, Whitney Huston were sung including “shoop shoop”(Waiting To Exhale movie soundtrack), “All My Love” and “Dance With Somebody” by contestants, Oge, Debbie, Melody, Christian, Kofo, Jeffery, Laami, Lasbrey, Ugo and Taiwo.





Shola opened the stage and he performed “You Are Not Alone” by Micheal Jackson,Judge, Bibi Brew commented that it was better than the last time.



Clement gave a different listen and according to Judge, Adebantu, a speechless performance to Michael Bolton’s  “You Don’t Know What It’s Like”.



Emeka revived himself and gave a much better performance to Bryan Adams’s hit, “To Love A Woman”.



David gave a great and ‘believable’ performance to “Lady” by the Afro-beat Legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.




Well, the show came to a conclusion as the highest number of audience votes was revealed and West Africa picked Clement; who looked more like a people’s person, Faculty saved Shola who they believed was ready to fight for his spot and then, the other contestants casted a vote, and it favoured Emeka.




Sadly, it was lights out for David from Abuja who acclaimed that it was not the end of the world for him, he urged to watch out for him and he gave a goodbye performance as he bowed out with Bruno Mars’s “Lazy Song”.








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