Movie To Watch Out For – ‘The Perfect Guy’ Starring Sanaa Lathan And Michael Ealy

If you’re looking for THE PERFECT GUY, look closer.


The movie – The Perfect Guy predicts a typical love story.  The trailer opens with a breakup Sanaa Lathan and Morris Chestnut play the heartbroken couple torn apart by their different goals in life. In swoops Michael Ealy as the charming rebound man, treating her like a princess and helping her forget her sadness  typical for a romance film.


The twist comes when Ealy’s character becomes violent and really obsessed about Sanaa. The whole tone shifts then, the music becomes ominous, growling underneath Lathan’s character’s cries. She runs back to her ex-boyfriend for protection, but Ealy’s character has other ideas. A thrill ride from start to finish, we are on the edge of our seats as it turns from an innocent romantic love triangle to a threatening stalker situation with a motive, building to its climax as we learn the police are helpless and he corners her at her most vulnerable, in the shower. Very interesting take on a typical love triangle, twisting the genre by adding thriller and horror-styled elements. The Perfect Guy is due for release this September.


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