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Mo’Eazy Covers International Magazine EIKON For February Issue

With regular international contributors – such as, Kendra Richards, the CEO of Heir Atelier and Hollywood

celebrity makeup artist to the likes of Tom Ford, Kerry Washington, Amanda Peet and Justin Timberlake to mention but a few; as well as Lynne Marks, recipient of the prestigious IMMIE (Image Makers Merit of Industry Excellence) Award and consultant to clients such as Coca–Cola Enterprise, CNN Sports, AT&T and American Express – every edition of our newsletter draws you into our powerful world of transformational information, tasteful beauty and affordable luxury, where nothing is held back as we take you on a ride through memorable lessons, articles, experiences, tips and insider secrets shared with just you in mind.


eikõn -The reconnoitre issue - Official BC - Feb_March 2015


eikõn is not just an ordinary newsletter as we have been repeatedly told and queried for providing it free to the public – with the level of research and accuracy of expensive information given away, with about 10,000 downloads of our past online editions, with our growing local and international readership base and attraction of international personalities. It is only expected that we opportunely topple our past feats.  And this is exactly what we did with our brand new edition, themed The Reconnoitre Issue.


In this edition and never been done before, we share exclusively an all inclusive revealing interview held with our unsparing comely cover, the revolutionary Nigerian international artiste – Mo Eazy; and featured yet another international popular personality, Cheyenne Bostock – A Life & Relationship Expert and the author of the two amazing books: Food, Sex & Peace of Mind and Break Every Chain.


TRI - exclusive interview summary - eikõn Feb_March 2015


The Reconnoitre Issue is out now, with a brand new look, a double cover and is also available in print – and still remains free!

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