Michelle Obama’s Social Security Number Released In Latest Hacker Scandal


Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t the only celebrities pissed about the latest hacking scheme in Hollywood.

It’s being reported that First Lady Michelle Obama was also thrown in the mix of politicians and celebrities who were targeted this week in a major hack that released financial information, phone numbers and other private details.

Mrs. Obama’s credit report was published, which included her social security number, with a message that read “Blame your husband, we still love you, Michelle.”


The hackers also released her Banana Republic and Gap credit card information.

But this latest attack, which came to light just yesterday, isn’t just angering celebs. It has literally paralyzed their business teams, according to TMZ.

Several of the hacked celebrities — who don’t want to be named — tell us, the phone numbers published online by the hackers have been blowing up all weekend.

Here’s the rub … the numbers don’t belong to the celebs — they’re numbers of the celebs’ lawyers, accountants, and business managers.

We’re told fans have been calling the numbers nonstop, hoping to get through to the stars … and it’s become a gigantic pain in the ass — in some cases more than 500 calls a day to a single number.


Law enforcement are reportedly trying to take the information down from the internet, but since it went live, it’s near impossible to clean up the mess.

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