Meeting of the Dons: Nas, Mark Zuckerberg and Ben Horowitz Have Dinner Together


39-year-old  rapper Nas broke bread last night with a couple of the most powerful men in the tech game–28-year-old billionaire CEO Mark Zuckerberg (with his wife Priscilla) and 46-year-old hi-tech entrepreneur/billionaire venture capitalist Ben Horowitz.

And if you’re wining and dining with billionaires, we can only assume (at least we HOPE) that at least one person was talking money at that table.

Pics surfaced on Instagram from a private dinner that took place last night with the interesting trio. Details of their convo have yet to be released, but we do conclude it has something to do with Nas’ involvement in Facebook, which Mark owns and Ben has invested in via his filthy rich firm Andreessen Horowitz.


 photo a7hQUHH_zpsa29a33ee.png


Also, Ben already has a close relationship with Jay-Z & Steve Stoute. So he’s not a complete stranger to the hip hop world.

Will Nas be investing some dollars of his own into Facebook, Inc? Is he cutting some type of major money making social media deal with the head honchos? Or both?

Time will tell…

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