Meet President Muhammadu Buhari Official Photographer

Meet Bayo Omoboriowo; President Buhari Official Photographer who grew up from Mushin, Lagos State. 

Bayo Omoboriowo hails from Ekiti State. He was born without silver spoon,he tasted poverty, experienced the low esteem. Poverty inflicts on its victims but never allowed his past to define him, he decided to change his story and that he has successfully been able to do  looking at what he has done for himself within a space of 6 years. 


He took his destiny by his hand,  discovered his passion which was photography,  refined and turned it to a business and income making project. One thing you have to give to this young man is this,  he never allowed the distraction that being a youth bring to distract him from his focus  he graduated from University Of Lagos in 2009  and since then he has only been doing one thing, Photography and today, he is the official photographer of our dear President Muhammadu Buhari.

Bayo is one of the 20 man delegation that followed Buhari to Germany earlier in the week. Seeing his name on that list brought smile to my face, this shows how far he has gone and where God has taken him to.
I could not have been prouder of my generation and the envelop we are pushing, the stories we are changing and the boundaries we are taking in spite of the difficulties of being a Young Nigerian.

pres.buhari leaving niger republic


Bayo’s life is teaching young people what is possible and doable, a man born in poverty at Mushin Lagos 28 years ago is flying with the President all over the world today because of his passion and determination to give meaning to his life, what then is your excuse?

Life is too short to just waste on unnecessary gallivanting. Discover your passion, key into it and start now. You don’t need capital to start, you just need few people who believe in your passion and would do anything to see it come to fruition. Your network determines your net worth; those friends around you have a lot to do with your tomorrow, more than you know.

Bayo’s of this world are passing a compelling message to young people to leave every other thing that is distracting them and run with their dreams. Lives and destinies are tied to that dream and that is the more reason you need to take that bold step and believe in your ability to do it

Again let me emphasize, Bayo started from the bottom, he started with zero capital.
he had nothing except his incredible belief in God and the dream he has and nothing more
I wish you all the best in this journey and hope to celebrate your journey tomorrow

2015 …increase your value!

Culled form Facebook –  credit: Chukwudi Iwuchukwu


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