Mariam’s Lunch Turned Dinner, WhatsApp Rumble From The 7th Episode Of RHOLagos

The 7th episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos was a lot. You could practically feel the heat through the screen. From a lunch turned into a dinner to a WhatsApp dirty rumble, the episode was drama-filled.

The episode started with Mariam talking to her sister about her fashion line and also showing her some of the pieces. It then moved on to Iyabo and Toyin arriving at Mariam’s house for launch. Laura arrived next and the women got talking while waiting for Carolyna and Chioma. The host Mariam gave the ladies a “Welcome to my home” gift and the ladies seemed to love the gesture.


The conversation between the four ladies took a sensitive turn as Toyin spoke about the emotional abuse she had experienced from her past relationship and how she was able to pull through.

Following hours of waiting for Carolyna and Chioma, the ladies decided to get right into the dinner, which was meant to be lunch if they had not been kept waiting for 5 hours. Carolyna and Chioma finally show up really late and the ladies were ready to express how displeased they were with their actions. Iyabo vocalised how she felt and mentioned it was disrespectful to keep people waiting for over 5 hours without any explanation.

Carolyna seemed apologetic, but the same cannot be said for Chioma, who despite bringing flowers, said in her diaries that she’s the queen of coming late and she’ll gladly wear her crown and sash. The night continued with the ladies singing karaoke and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The day after the dinner, Chioma is on outreach for her foundation, The Goodway Foundation with Carolyna when Laura drops a message on their WhatsApp group. The message had called out Chioma and Carolyna in her message and mentioned that the ladies coming very late to Mariam’s the night before was unacceptable and she would not have waited for them that long under a different circumstance. This led to a back and forth between Laura and Carolyna. They traded Insults, name-calling and some allegations. It was messy.

The episode ended with a clip from the next episode showing a fight breaking out between Laura and Carolyna and we cannot wait to see what really transpired.

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