Malaysia Airlines Fight MH17 Crashes In East Ukraine, 295 Feared Dead

A Malaysian passenger aircraft has crashed after being shot down near the Russian border in eastern Ukraine today, 17th of July.

All passengers on the flight are feared dead,
The Independent reports.

According to reports, the plane was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

The picture above is from an alleged video footage of the crash, which has been posted on Youtube. However, according to reports, it is unclear if the footage is actually of this particular crash.

Malaysia Airlines has confirmed the incident, according to Business Insider.

Another report states that a source close to Ukraine’s interior minister said the Malaysian plane was “shot down.”

The minister was said to have come to this conclusion because the Ukrainian air force had been shooting down some rebels’ planes in the same area over the last week.

This plane crash comes 130 days after the mysterious disappearance of the Kuala Lumpur to Beijing-bound Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, which had 239 passengers on board.

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