Written by: Olumide Lawrence (iLUMMYnation)
The alarm was ringing for the twenty-second time when Frank fell into consciousness. He sprang up quickly when he realised the rays of the sun was already illuminating his room. He looked at the clock hanging against the wall, it was 7:30am!
He stopped the alarm which was now ringing for the twenty-third time and it was only then he realised he was already late…too late for work. 7:30 is the official time for him to arrive at work but here he is, just getting out of bed. He knew he was in for another query, for this was the fifth time he would arrive late for work. Each of those times have had a link with Bimbo, and this time around, he had been dreaming about her.
He didn’t feel the need to rush anymore, since he was late already. He was ready to face whatever punishment meted out to him, even if it was a sack.
To him, that will not match the pain Bimbo had inflicted on him. He loved her with all his heart and all through the five years they dated, he was unconditionally faithful and loving to her. Bimbo suddenly changed when she went for her National Youth Service.
She was posted to Port-Harcourt despite all Frank did to make her serve in Lagos. They both had to accept it that way and on the eve of Bimbo’s final depature for Port-Harcourt, they had sex for the third time in four and half years of dating! They both renewed their vows to be faithful to each other and the next morning, Bimbo left for Port-Harcourt with a promise to keep in touch always.
It was barely two weeks after Bimbo left that Frank began to find it hard reaching her, she didnt call either. At first, he had attributed it to the stress of camping so he was patient. When camping was over and the corpers were having their two weeks’ break, Bimbo came back to Lagos but did not make any attempt to call or visit Frank. When Frank called, there was no response. He did not meet her at home when he visited too. Yet, he was patient because he still believed something must have kept his angel from him which did not warrant any panic. He called some of her friends that he knew and they all told him Bimbo was working on her PPA, and so she was very busy at the moment. This settled his mind a little bit, but he yet could not understand why she wasn’t answering her calls.
The break was over. Bimbo returned to Port-Harcourt without seeing Frank. After so many unsuccessful attempt to reach her himself, he resolved to going to Port-Harcourt to find her. But he had the challenge of finding her exact location because he didnt know where she had been deployed to for her PPA. He also couldn’t also leave his work because he wasn’t due for annual leave. These reasons led him to exercising more patience. He kept on calling Bimbo’s number and there was yet no response from the other side. After about two months, Bimbo’s number stopped going through and panic set in for Frank. He damned all consequences, sought for a sick leave at work, which was conditionally granted. He left for PH and after strategic attempts, he discovered where Bimbo was serving, and where she lived.
Bimbo was serving at Chevron and was living in the staff quarters. He was happy to finally find a way o see her so he lodged in a hotel not too far away.
He had so many questions on his mind; will he have to stalk his own girlfriend? Will she even recognise or acknowledge his presence? What was he going to say to her? Will he be a stranger in the familiar face of Bimbo? All these questions were soon answered when Frank went to chevron the next day, Bimbo and Frank bumped into each other just as Frank was talking to the security at the gate. Bimbo had come to recieve a parcel.
She was stunned beyond words. She couldnt move and they both stood there looking at each other for an extended period that it took the security man’s voice to bring them back to consciousness.
“oga wetin happen?” the security man retorted.
“Errm…nothing, i’m just happy to see her.” Frank replied in a way that revealed the fusion of happiness and sorrow in his voice. He was happy to see her, but he was sorrowful because shock was all he felt after seeing her. The connection was electrocuting not electrifying as he had hoped. He managed to speak to her nonetheless, “good morning Bimbo, i have been looking for you. I called your number severally…”
“I’m sorry Frank, you have come at a time when i can’t attend to you, maybe you have to call me on phone after 4pm. Thank you.” she said all those words without looking at Frank’s face. She recieved the parcel from the security and walked away briskly in a fashion that revealed tension.
“but i don’t have your number anymore…” he called out to her.
“I have yours, i will call you myself.” she replied as she disappeared into the building.
Frank was too dazed to know what next to do. He went back to his hotel room and laid on the bed like a dead man.  He was happy to know she’s alive, hale and hearty. She had become twice as beautiful as he had earlier known her to be. She was also very official in the way she addressed him. All these were the positives he drew from the short meeting. He could recognise all that has changed about her, but he couldn’t recognize what changed her.
After much thoughts, he decided not to wait for her call. He did not want to hear anything from her that will further break his heart, so he packed quickly and left for Lagos with the next flight.
At exactly 5pm when he was already in Lagos, he recieved a text message from her saying:
“Don’t bother looking for me anymore, I’m far gone.
Thanks. Abimbola.”
He didn’t realise why she took that heartless decision. He still loved her, she was always in his dreams. All the times he got late to work were either because he just sat in the bathroom crying his head out for her, or just looking at her pictures and falling into deep memories of times they shared together. But this time, he had been dreaming about her.
This dream was different because in the dream, they had the discussion which they should have had back then in PH when he visited her five months ago. The discussion was deep enough to make him not hear the alarm ring, and was also long enough to make him wake up at 7:30! In the dream, Bimbo told him she got tired of the relationship and that she just wanted some new adventure. She was never going to change her mind despite his plea to her. Funnily, she actually told him about the ringing alarm in the dream, but he purposely refused to pay any attention. She had to walk away from him before he woke up to consciousness.
He got into the car at 8:30 after taking his time to prepare for work and prepare for what is to be his punishment.
“The next time you put up this form of negligence and lackadaisical attitude to work, you will be fired!” his boss had made it clear.
He was certain, he had lost Bimbo, he was sure the dream was just a way to comfort him and make him forget her quickly, he also believed in the cliche “life goes on”
What he does not know is what the future holds for him without her, and quite importantly now, what awaits him at the office.

To be continued………….

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