LondonToLagos: “Sahara Will Humble You, It Made Me Cry On Two Occasions” – Kunle Adeyanju

Nigerian motorcyclist and entrepreneur, Kunle Adeyanju has shared his experience driving through the Sahara Desert on a motorcycle.

Earlier this year, the adventure biker, embarked on a motorcycle journey from London to Lagos in April to raise awareness of polio.

Adeyanju Thursday shared a picture to show before and after his Sahara desert experience and how the challenges he faced have shaped his perception of life.

He went on by sharing a long thread narrating how he almost gave up his ambition and what inspired him to continue.

The tweets read “The Sahara will humble you, and change your looks, and your attitudes about life” This was my experience on my six days transit, through the Sahara Desert!”

“The Sahara doesn’t cooperate with you, it is unfriendly, it is harsh, it is unforgiven, and the margin for error on the Sahara is so slim, you make mistakes, and you may not come back home!”

“The Sahara is one of the most inhospitable places on earth, it is scorching hot, the gust of wind is like hurricane force winds, and the fine sand blowing through the strong winds is like a thousand needles trying to poke through your gears into your body.”

“Riding on the Sahara, you are constantly fighting being blown off your motorbike, by the gust of the strong winds, while also enduring the scorching heat mildly cooking your skin alive!”

“It was my toughest experience riding from London to Lagos, an experience that made me cry on two occasions, and also got me to some point where I thought I had reached my breaking point, and I thought I was going to say, this is it, and this is where it ends!”

“I committed myself before commencing the ride that “whatever it takes, I was not going to give up” I will keep pushing and keep fighting, even if I have to die fighting!”

“And I have come to realize that when we make such strong commitments to ourselves, and our mind believes it, then our body will fall in, no matter the pain, suffering, or hardship.”

“Yesterday, a friend shared the picture collage above with me to remind me of what I looked like when I came out of the Sahara, and I also saw that my eyeballs were reddened with the pain of the experience.”

“It is not an understatement that my experience on the Sahara was extremely painful and hard, but that was also an experience that further strengthened my willpower to continue to push on.”

“It is a known fact, willpower can only be built through VOLUNTARY act of suffering, … to do something hard is to grow!”

“You cannot expect to develop the tenacity and the resiliency of a winner without going through the fire! And it is in going through this fire, that we discover and refine our PASSION!”

“Passion is not something we are born with, it is something we have to discover and continue to build, through the process of gaining mastery.”

“Along the line, there will be failures and setbacks, which is ok! What is not ok is to quit and fail to develop the passion or approach it with mediocrity.”

“Late Dr. Myles Monroe once said, “If you live properly, history will not be able to ignore that you lived” the world will talk about you, read about you, and tell your story for a thousand years!”

“Yes, the story of #LONDONTOLAGOS, #LOINHEART will be told for a thousand years, but it all started with a passion …… FUEL YOUR PASSION!

Ever since Adeyanju arrived in Nigeria, he has met with the vice president, Yemi Osinbajo, and many other well-wishers who have shown support for his awareness campaign.

Moreover, the biker, popularly called the ‘Lion Heart’ has said that his next adventure will be to ride from Lagos to Israel, and from Israel to Tibet, adding that by 2024 he wished to have accomplished the adventure.

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