Late Moji Olaiya’s new born baby allegedly now in UK with her brother

There seems to be Communication problems between the actors hustling for the remains of Actress Moji Olaiya to be transported back to Nigeria from Canada where she died and her family.

According to SDM, the baby is in the UK with Moji’s brother Femi.

Here’s what her source told her:

”Dont get me wrong Stella,her family were OK with her being buried in Canada but these actors hijacked the whole thing and Moji’s mum is old and has no say right now.I dont even think all those clamouring for 100k donation for Moji’s remains and the baby to return to Nigeria even know that her brother has picked up the baby from her friend’s place in Canada since the week she was supposed to be buried according to Muslim rights but left with the baby when the burial did not hold”.


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