Lamboginny And Clayy Give Full Scholarship To Students #Broken

 Yes! The song has been massive and the buzz has been super blazing over the last couple of days across the radios and Internet media. Just incase you went missing in action, we’ve been talking about the tone from Humanitarian artiste Lamboginny and Clay titled #BROKEN.

You can listen and download the song below

With great reviews already pouring in from right, left and center, the duo of Lamboginny and Clay has just decided to take the gospel in the song to another level and guess what? They are acting what they preach by offering a whooping fulltime SCHORLARSHIP to two #BROKEN children. That is, a teenager and a kid that has no support for education at all.
This was made known yesterday while on radio to celebrate with the BEAT FM crew as they marked five years of quality transmission in style.
So if you know of any teenager or child that is of a secondary or primary school age respectively, it might just be an opportunity to get them through to a good and quality education on all expense paid by Lamboginny and Clay.
Exactly! You could just put a smile on someone’s face by sending his or her name, age, location, class (secondary or primary) and that #BROKEN story “that is, the touching story about the child and why he/she should be given the scholarship ahead of others.
CALL AND SEND SMS TO 08182367523 or send mail to [email protected]
The outright winner will be announced as soon as possible and before school resumption on the BEAT 99.9 FM Lagos and will also be publish on here.
So you can keep the names or suggestions pouring like right now.
However, still on #BROKEN, Lamboginny and Clay have Partnered With the Nigerian Red Cross to take the Ebola sanitizing awareness campaign to the Snake Island in Lagos on Saturday the 13th September 2014.
Medical expert will be on hand to deliver a seminar on personal hygiene and free hygiene materials including hand sanitizers and liquid hand wash will be distributed to the people living on the island. The initiative is powered by  @LAMBOGINNY @CLAYY

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