Lagos state government plans to eradicate ‘Danfo’ buses in Lagos, but replacement won’t cause job loss

The Lagos State Government has earlier confirmed that plans are in motion to remove yellow buses, popularly known as Danfo, from Lagos roads for a more efficient and well-structured mass transportation system that would facilitate ease of movement.
Governor Ambode has also now clarified that there will be no job losses for the concerned danfo drivers involved, as they will be employed and trained to drive the new buses. According to him;

“If Lagos is to be globally competitive, we need to change the outlook of the way the city runs. What is of paramount interest to this government is that every Lagosian has a comfortable means of moving from one place to the other. But I promise you that they’ll be no job losses.

The Governor is not interested in driving all the new buses. It is these bus drivers, the technicians, the mechanics that would also still be employed and trained to use the new buses. We are going to employ more people for the greater number of the buses and to make the city more beautiful and comfortable to all our workers.”

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