Ladies; Things You Should Not Do For A Man

When you are head over heels in love with someone, or maybe when you are feeling insecure, it is sometimes easy to put someone else’s wants and needs before your own. But if you don’t catch yourself in time, you may lose a part of who you are. Ladies, these are the following things you should not do for a man or anyone;

 Change your appearance.

If your partner is a decent human being, they won’t ever force you to alter the way you look for their benefit. They should love you for you, and all of you. If your weight, hair, or style really bothers him, he’s clearly not with you for the right reasons. Any physical changes you make should be made because you want them, not for attention or for someone else.

Compromise your passions.

Absolutely no one should get in the way of your goals. It is your life, after all, and nobody else will regret leaving any dreams behind more than you. The decision to pass on a job opportunity or put an idea on hold might seem like a good idea at the moment but the future is never guaranteed. Your partner should support your endeavors, and if he’s willing to support you, that’s just a bonus.

Wait for his approval.

A strong woman plays by her rules and doesn’t sit around for instructions. You should be assertive and go forward with your own decisions rather than seek validation from someone else. You are grown enough to know what is best for you.

Cancel already-set plans.

It’s different to reschedule when something important comes up, but it’s trouuble when you drop everything you are doing just to be with him. Your friends and family should not be on the sideline and only brought in when he is unavailable. You should never be on standby, and if he’s respectful, he won’t mind catching you another time.

Let him change who you are.

Don’t change who you are for anyone but yourself. And if you do decide to make any self-adjustments, they should be improvements that will better you. It’s possible that he’d be more interested if you do x, y, and z, but he would not genuinely like you for you. Never lose sight of who you are.

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