Labour Unions Ask Saraki To Resign

The Nigerian Labour Congress as well as the Trade Union Congress have called on Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki to resign.

Their call for his resignation is connected to his trial at the code of conduct tribunal on a 13 count charge and the Labor unions have asked that Saraki vacate his position.

Punch Newspaper quotes the President of the Trade Union Congress, Mr. Bobboi Bala as saying, “Resignation is a moral burden on people. But if somebody feels that he will carry his cross, go to the courts and try to exonerate himself, he should be given the opportunity. But it would be too bad if at the end of the day, he is found guilty. It does not speak well of public office holders.

“In other climes, as soon as such things happen, people tender their letters of resignation. Obviously, it is a moral burden on him. We hope all politicians will begin to know that no matter how highly placed they are, one day, they will definitely have to account for their stewardship.”

Saraki has been under intense media scrutiny in the past few weeks, first for his trial and more recently, an incident at a praying ground in Ilorin where he was reportedly stoned by the People as they chanted “Ole, Thief!’

Other state chairmen of the Trade Union Congress as well as the Nigerian Labour Congress also joined in calling for his resignation.

It is doubtful that the Senate President, who remains insistent that he is simply being witch hunted, will resign.

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