Kwara PDP alleges APC plan to arrest opposition members

Kwara State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), yesterday, alleged the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state wants to clamp down on prominent PDP members over trumped-up charges.

Kwara: APC, PDP in war of words over 2023 elections – The Sun Nigeria

In a statement issued in Ilorin, PDP Publicity Secretary, Tunji Morounfoye, said the planned arrests were aimed at weakening the campaign strategies of the party in Kwara.

He commended paramilitary agencies in the state for professionalism, adding that he believes none would allow itself to be used as an agent of repression under a democratic government.

Morounfoye also cautioned the APC government to refrain from acts that could threaten the fragile security situations within and outside the state.

The statement reads: “Kwara PDP wishes to alert the general public that it has secured intelligence information that the state’s APC regime is planning to clamp down on notable opposition party figures in Kwara state within a few days.

“The proposed diabolical plan is to come up with trumped up charges and insist that security agencies arrest and charge such opposition party members to court.

“We, at the PDP, are confident that the current set of security agencies’ leadership in Kwara would not react to such a blatant attempt by the ruling party regime to gag the opposition. They have, in the recent past, shown their professional abilities in solving crime and nipping other criminal activities in the bud. They have also discharged their duties without fear or favor.

“We, hereby, call on well-meaning Kwarans to impress upon the APC party regime not to heat up the polity with this ill-advised decision to clamp down on opposition party figures. The APC regime should be reminded of the fragile security situation in the country, as of today. Clamping down on opposition party members on trumped-up charges could lead to the breakdown of law and order in the state.

“We advise that the APC regime showcase their achievements as a strategy rather than attempting to clamp down and gag opposition party members with indiscriminate arrests on frivolous reasons. This is a democratic setting, not a dictatorship.

“The ban on political campaigns will be lifted in a few days’ time. We, at the PDP, hope to conduct our political campaigns in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, which Kwara State is known for. We intend to showcase our past achievements, as a party, and promise to deliver more to the electorates. We advise that the Kwara APC regime considers doing the same, rather than going through this draconian and undemocratic route.”

Source: Guardian

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