Kola Aluko has expressed his commitment to inspire, mentor and support future generations of African leaders.

One of Nigeria’s leading entrepreneurs, Kola Aluko announces in detail the Kola Aluko Foundation, the charitable venture which he established in 2013 in order to inspire, mentor and support future generations of African leader.



A reception to open the Nigerian Centenary Photography Exhibition is scheduled to hold at Bonhams, who are the world-famous auctioneers in London, and hosted by the Kola Aluko Foundation.



The exhibition in celebration of Nigeria’s Centenary, according to Bonhams showcases what they describes as “an astonishing collection of photography documenting Nigeria’s rich and diverse cultural heritage”.


Kola Aluko with youth leaders in various endeavours who already reflect Kola Aluko Foundation ideology at the event.


The show and its related educational programme is the first in a series of major cultural events to be supported by the Kola Aluko Foundation, designed to encourage a deeper understanding of Nigeria and the 54 countries of the African continent.

“This unique collection of photographs showcases the wealth of artistic talent in Nigeria over the last 100 years. We hope that this exhibition will inspire young Africans to pursue their talents and achieve success on a global scale. The exhibition is dedicated to J.D.Okhai Ojeikere, one of Nigeria’s most lauded photographers and a leader in his field. The Kola Aluko Foundation believes that every story of individual leadership has the power to inspire and affect change.”

“The Kola Aluko Foundation is passionate about identifying and nurturing talented young African adults across all fields of endeavour to help them evolve into the new generation of leaders. In doing so, we hope that the young people we engage with will not only develop into leaders, but also become inspirational role models for others. This is the cycle of change we want to foster.”

To support the Foundation’s mandate which is to inspire, mentor and support future generations of African leaders, there has been a group of outstanding young leaders who have been invited to the opening of the exhibition, to reflect and represent the manifold talent of Africa’s potential and future. The group’s presence at the event includes the Foundation’s fundamental themes and scope of work. Additionally, youth organisation’s from all over the UK have been invited to visit the exhibition from start to finish.

The evening will be called to attention by a donation to the Foundation by Sesu Tilley-Gyado, the award-winning British-Nigerian artist and entrepreneur. By presenting this young leader and her outstanding contributions to date, the Foundation will show its commitment to and acknowledgement of an impeccable individual representing Africa’s talented youth.

Central to the Foundation’s vision is the belief that leadership is above all a mind-set and that large-scale social impact always starts with the individual. The Foundation will focus on working with young people to instill a strong belief in their capabilities and their ability to succeed. Key areas of activity will include:

    1. Competitions – Developed to identify the most talented young Africans from entrepreneurship, arts, information technology and agriculture.
    2. Education – Devised and tailored for secondary school pupils with a focus on character-building and personal development.
    3. Support Environments – Established to provide innovation spaces that bring people together, encourage a creative work environment with team building, and offer tailored skills development and mentorship coaching, with all the necessary technical facilities in pursuit of developing world class young leaders.

As time goes on, the Foundation hopes that the young people it supports will not only develop into leaders, but will also become inspirational role models for others, thereby creating a cycle of change that benefits all communities and countries.




Okwoi Enwenzor- a Nigerian born American curator- with guests at the Nigerian centenary photography exhibition in Bonhams sponsored by Kola Aluko Foundation

“This Centenary Exhibition is the perfect place to celebrate and put the spotlight on the group of young leaders joining us tonight. Together the Foundation and these young leaders hope to communicate to other young Africans the value of aiming high, working hard and making a difference.”

The Foundation’s programme of activities will commence later on in the year with a series of unique competitions covering entrepreneurship, art, information technology and agriculture. More details will be announced over the next few months.



The Foundation’s headquarters will be in Lagos and focus its work first on Nigeria, expanding the scope of its activities across Africa through strategic partnerships with similar organisations.











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