Klopp Blames Wind For Liverpool’s Draw With Everton

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has blamed the wind for his team’s stalement against rivals Everton.

The result leaves Liverpool  a point behind Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table, the first time they have not been top having played the same number of games as City since before Christmas.

“Very, very difficult game for different reasons,

“A wild opponent and – I know people don’t like it when I say this – the wind came from all different directions, you saw that in a lot of situations.” Klopp said in a post match interview.

“It didn’t help any football play, especially when the ball was in the air which it was a lot. In a game that was difficult to control because of those things, we had I think three or four really big chances.” He added

“It’s 0-0 in a derby, we keep our unbeaten run against Everton but, of course, it’s not exactly what we wanted but it is easy to accept because it was a difficult game.”He

“Of course not, there is nothing to be concerned about, we have to take the situation like it is,” he added.

“Four days ago we talked about a free-flowing Liverpool side. It’s difficult games and it’s Burnley next, 12pm, but it’s at Anfield so it’s only 400 yards away from here but it’s completely different.

“It’s all good, we just have to show constantly stability. That’s what we did again and then fight for the result. Nothing happened really apart from that we have one point more, it’s still positive.”

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