Two months after filing to be declared legally single, Kim Kardashian’s request has been met following approval by a judge. 

The reality TV star will now be known as Kim Kardashian, dropping the West. 

The hearing, which took place on Wednesday via Zoom, saw the Kardashian in attendance while Kanye West was absent. However, his lawyer did not object to restoring the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s single status. 

On 3 conditions; Any right to get reimbursement of money that’s supposed to be divided up will be preserved if either of them dies, which the judge granted. The other two conditions that the Kardashian would not transfer any assets she had in trust, and if she remarries, she would waive the “marital privilege” was rejected by the judge. 

The Marital privilege means a new spouse would not have to testify about communications he had with her. The judge said nope to that.

To close put the hearing, the Skims founder answered some questions, known as the ‘prove up.’

The questions included, “Are there problems in your relationship?” and “Do you think your marriage can be saved with counselling?” to which he answered yes.

A few weeks back, the story about Kanye dropping his 4th divorce attorney, Chris Melcher, due to little communication between Kanye and Melcher was trending.

Kim Kardashian had filed for a divorce in early 2021, and in December, she filed to be declared legally single, writing;

“I very much desire to be divorced.”

She also said she’d asked Kanye to keep their divorce private, which he hadn’t, and his social media posts had caused “emotional distress.”

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