Jumia Treasure Hunt and Wheel of Fortune Winners Share Tips and Tricks


Jumia Black Friday treasure hunt winners


Globally, Black Friday results in massive sales as consumers troop to stores and supermarkets to purchase goods at discounted prices. While the experience is largely good for shoppers, there are almost sometimes reports of customers engaging in physical altercations as they try to battle each other for the limited but mouthwatering offers on display. In a few cases, items are ripped apart and destroyed.


The Black Friday frenzy is on in Nigeria except that Jumia, leading e-commerce platform, has taken it to a whole new level. Instead of a single shopping day, the discount is spread across 25 days that started from the 5th of November to the 30th of the month. Instead of shoppers crowding inside stores engaging in tugs of war for discounted items, shoppers can enjoy the deals and grab for products from their mobile phones.


Interestingly, Jumia just announced the five-day extension of its Black Friday sales so that customers can continue to enjoy discounts till December 5, 2021. This increases the odds of reaching even more customers. As Nigerians begin last-minute shopping errands, two aspects of the company’s Black Friday activities – treasure hunt and the wheel of fortune –  have quickly gained popularity in the past three weeks.


The treasure hunt involves customers searching for heavily discounted items in unrelated sections within the app. For example, a mobile phone that initially costs ?100,000 can be hidden in the jewellery section and sold for as low as ?2,000 to the first person to find the item. The other deal is the Wheel of Fortune, where participants can spin a wheel on the Jumia App and win up to ?20,000 vouchers or the valuable items that the wheel lands on.


The only tug of war associated with the e-commerce platform is between the winners of the Wheel of Fortune and winners of the Treasure Hunt – each team defending their wins to the high heavens. Stephanie Gara who won a mobile phone from the Treasure hunt said that beyond winning, she had so much fun scouring through different sections before she found vouchers at midnight.


“I think the Treasure hunt is the best Black Friday deal on Jumia at the moment”, she said. “I knew I was not the only person interested in winning something on Jumia but I was quite tactical about my search. I skimmed through a lot of sections very quickly and covered a lot of ground looking for the odd item until I found it.”


Esther Young who won a ?10,000 voucher in the Wheel of Fortune said she preferred it to the Treasure Hunt because she got lucky the first time she spun the wheel and won the voucher.


“I think I’ll choose the Wheel of fortune any day because it favoured me the first time I tried it,” the 23-year old student said. “It did not give me any stress at all.”


Afam Nzobiwu also agrees that the Wheel of Fortune was the best deal on the platform, arguing that he won an LG microwave oven in just a few days of spinning the wheel.  He said: “Every morning, I spin the wheel and after a few days of ‘try agains’, I got lucky. As soon as I posted the screenshot on my Facebook page, my friends helped me to win.”


Adegbayi Oluseyi said although it took him a long time before winning a ?200,000 voucher in the Treasure Hunt, it was fun at the end of the day and worth the effort.“One good thing about the treasure Hunt is that it even allowed me to discover some other important items that I needed which were at discounted prices. If I had not gone through different sections of the app, I would not have discovered some things that I actually needed.”


With the two deals still ongoing, more Nigerians are expected to win. One thing seems quite certain though, as long as there are deals to be won,  the tug of war can continue.




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