Joshua Bamiloye Shares His Reason For Not Liking Marvel Movies

Joshua Bamiloye the son of Mike Bamiloye has revealed why he does not like Marvel movies.

Joshua Bamiloye revealed in a Twitter thread that Marvel movies are filled with possessed individuals. He said that Marvel seems to love heroes being possessed, and he went on to list a couple of heroes, who he feels were possessed.

Nigerians on his Twitter page reacted to his viewpoint, and many of them were in agreement with him.

One person talked about how it seems like they promote the belief that man needs to be possessed by highers powers to be able to function.

One other person acknowledged the fact that Marvel movies make wonderful films, and he praised them for their technology and story telling. Finally, he wished we would have a Christian movie company, who would make Christian movies like Marvel.

Should Christians stop watching Marvel movies because of this?

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