Joan Rivers Storms Out Of CNN Interview

When it comes to trolling, Joan is a queen and has been making controversial (and sometimes hurtful) comments about people that she passes off as jokes for nearly 50 years, so it was surprising this week when she stormed out of a CNN interview because she thought the interviewer was being negative. And this was after she called Michelle Obama a tranny. I can’t.

In the interview with CNN, the anchor Fredricka Whitield pointed out that Joan’s commentary on Fashion Police is mean, she responded:

It’s not mean it’s not mean. I tell the truth. I’m sure I say things that all your viewers say to their friends sitting next to them on the couch. We’re one of the few shows that say that’s an ugly dress and that’s okay. These ladies make $28 millions a picture. Do you think Nicki Minaj cares I didn’t like her

dress? When you’re in that kind of bracket, you don’t really care. Well, not when it’s about dresses. It’s not about dresses, it’s about clothing.

“LDo you feel like there are boundaries, ever?” Joan responded:

Life is very tough and if you can make a joke, you something easier and funny, do it. Done. Darling, I don’t know what your life has been like but I have a lot of people that’s gone through hell. Winston Churchill said, ‘If you make someone laugh you give them a little vacation.’ And maybe if you take the worst thing in the world and make it funny it’s a vacation for a minute from horror.

The host pointed out that Joan was wearing a fur on her cover, which may make animal rights groups like PETA mad, when Joan figured she’d had enough of the interview. Her defensive meter was on 100:

I’lm going, I really am going because all you’re doing is negative. I’ve made people laugh for 50 years. I’ve been put on earth to make people laugh. My book is funny! I wear fur that was killed 15 years ago. I work with animal rights. Stop with, ‘And you do this! You’re mean! You do this!’ You are not the one to interview a person who does humor, sorry.

This happened within days of Joan throwing darts at the president and first lady. While arriving to an appearance, she was approached by a cameraman who asked her whether she believes we will ever see a gay president in the White House, and she told them we already have a gay president named Barack Obama. Oh and the first lady? Yeah, she’s a tranny. Sigh.

Interviewer: And do you think the United States will see the first gay president or first woman president?

Joan Rivers: We already have with Obama, so, let’s just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny.

Interviewer: I’m sorry, she’s a what?!

Joan: A transgender. We ALL know. Oh gosh. It’s okay.

It seems as though Joan Rivers believes that calling President Obama gay and the first lady a “tranny” is okay, but asking about her fur coat is crossing the line.


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