James Omokwe, Awakening Movie Director, Wants To Redefine the Dark Thriller Genre in Nigeria


The movie ‘Awakening’ will change the concept of ‘Dark Thriller Genre’ in Nollywood. It tells the story of a young man whose life changes after a series of fatal dreams which come true. With the help of an ambitious journalist, he is able to uncover the truth about his dreams and the truth about their lives.

Awakening is not just a great story, it was told by an insightful and deep story teller, the director, James Omokwe. James graduated from UNILAG with a degree in Theatre arts. It was there, in UNILAG, that the story of awakening was born. Beyond the story of awakening, we have to applaud the effort that went into the movie – it is the first movie in Nigeria that 5.0 surround sound, believable special effects, great acting and animation!


In addition to the amazing Awakening experience, the Awakening team started shooting the movie with a total of N50, 000, that’s $318 (Three hundred and eighteen US Dollars)! The fact that they did not have money did not act as a deterrent, instead, it served as a fuel for them to be more creative and come up with more resourceful ways to complete their project. Although, the shoot had to be halted several times as a result of a lack of funds, the actors and crew were gracious enough to keep making time and changing their schedules to accommodate the awakening because they had as much belief in it as the creators.


So far, the team has released 3 different teaser trailers online and the general reaction has been one of excitement, anticipation and some scepticism as some people are still not sure if the movie can truly be all that it boasts to be.

The official trailer was unveiled at Lagos Comicon a week ago with rave reviews from other movie directors, visual effects specialists and event participants.


The aim for dark thrillers is to keep the audience alert and on the edge of their seats. Awakening is mysterious, fast-paced, gripping and extremely engaging. Every scene has a new revelation and every time you think you know what is happening, you get a totally unexpected result! With sustained tension, surprise, and a constant sense of impending doom, this movie is shifting the pattern in the ‘dark thriller’ genre, as a matter of fact; it is the standard by which the dark thriller genre should be measured.


Awakening was finished after 1 year and three months of intense production and planning and even though it was shot guerrilla style, the makers of the movie can give themselves a well-deserved pat on the back. For a first attempt at movie making, Awakening is an excellent display of skill, creativity, professionalism, hard work and Faith.

The Awakening Premieres in Nigeria on January 11.

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