I’ve Moved On, I Can’t Reconcile With My Ex – Doris Simeon

Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon who has made her dislike for her ex-husband and his new partner, Stella Damasus known in the past has revealed that she is in a relationship and therefore has no business reconciling with her ex-husband.

Doris Simeon, ex husband Daniel Ademinokan and son

The actress in a recent chat with The Sun talked about her relationship with her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan which ended in 2010 after he dumped her for fellow actress, Stella Damasus.


When asked about her relationship status and the thought of giving marriage a second chance, Doris said;”l ike I used to say, it is not the end for me concerning marriage. If God says it is time, fine. if not, all well and good. I am satisfied and not in a hurry. God has the final say. I am not rushing at all, maybe, because I have tasted it before.”

She was further probed if she will accept a a chance of reconciliation from her ex; she  replied with a blatant “No, I can’t reconcile with him anymore.”

Why, not even for your child’s sake?

“No, he is growing and living his life and I have my life to live as well.”

Do you miss him?


Your ex…


Are you sure?

“Yes, I am sure. I don’t miss him at all.”

Be sincere…

“I don’t.”


However when asked if she’s currently seeing someone,  she said; “I am in a relationship but I have decided to make my relationship mine and not for the public. My business with the public is my career.”


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