Media personality Toke Makinwa has taken to her social media page to share her thoughts about people who cheat on their partners. According to her, whoever has an issue with commitment has no business being in a relationship.

Read what she said below:

A very serious something…. Is cheating a deal breaker? First let me say I do not condone “cheating”, if you can’t commit to something, don’t get into it, it is that simple. Let’s stop with the “it was a mistake sermon”, cheating is a choice you made, the devil did not come in Prada, no one forced you, you ignored your voice of reason and decided to cheat on your partner so own it.

Is it worth risking everything though? Is it? I have seen some couples work thru infidelity and while it worked out for them, is it really working out for them? (Pray tell). I just think we all need to grow up, cheating is not a gender thing, anyone can do it, women are even better at running this game that men think they created, men can’t even handle half of it.

It is a terrible act and anyone who has either been cheated on or done the cheating and got caught knows what it can do to your significant other. I’m not judging anybody, I just hope that if you expect me to forgive you if you do, you are also open to forgiving me if I mistakenly make the choice to do the same to you.

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