The Indomitable Lions Of Cameroon Are The New Champions Of Africa, AFCON 2017

When the indomitable lions of Cameroon started the Nations cups match, we are sure most of you took them for granted because these set of guys aren’t the Indomitable lions you are used to. We all took them for granted till they defeated Senegal the team of the year by CAF. The team to beat the team of the year should win right? But Football doesn’t follow statistics, its all about who brings their A game to a match.

Cameroon qualified to the semi final round to play Ghana, It was a crucial match because both teams were hungry. With Ghana having failed to win a trophy for over 35 years and Cameroon 15 years. Although The Black Star of Ghana played a brilliant match but their inability to score saw Cameroon to the Finals.

Egypt crashed Morocco from the fight for a trophy and qualified for the final round with Cameroon. On the 5th of February Cameroon played Egypt in the fight for the champions of Africa. Egypt got a late first half lead by the Arsenal player Elneny but that didn’t seal the deal as the Indomitable lions equalized at the 58th minute. At the 88th minute a late goal was scored by the Indomitable lions which broke the 15 years jinx and the Indomitable Lions became the champions of Africa.



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