I Never Want To Retire – Zoe Saldana



Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana during an interview with presenter of Arise TV, lola Ogunaike in New York yesterday, where she spoke about her career, experience and why she intends passing her hardwork ethic to her niece, why she never wants to retire.


During the question and answer section, Zoe gave reasons why she trained hard for her role as uhura in the blockbuster movie. she further said that she will not stop working and will keep rocking the bockbuster movies until she does not feel happy anymore.



“I never want to retire,” Zoe told the crowd. “What am I going to do, gardening? I want to keep growing, I’ll always need to learn something, someone will always want me to teach them something. I’m always going to be evolving in my career. Right now, I’ve finally found something that makes me happy. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and it makes me happy. And the moment this business doesn’t make happy, I am going to do something else.”

Talking about the word “celebrity” Zoe does not in the word because she works her ass off for what she gets. she also said, going the easy route of some “celebs” and sleeping with a producer for the role.

“Words like celebrity don’t exist. If you’re in it for game, get out of it. It’s always a producer to shag.”

She also spoke about grooming her niece in the business and not accepting little reward for her hardwork

“I have a 10 year old niece so I would want to share with her and hope she got good experiences out if it. I’m very Latino. And [the reputation of us] working for 40 years like an animal and getting a 14 year old’s wage is old. It’s capitalism. We’ve been somebody since the day we were born. You can be anybody. You are just one person and you’re unique. If my niece one day wants to be an actress, she will work her ass off. I work my ass off. And when I get freebies, I deserve them.”

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