I didn’t know I was going to be A fake Housemate – Modella

On another episode of Unfiltered with Olorisupergal, we had the beautiful Modella in our studio. Modella was a fake housemate in Big Brother Naija Season 7 edition, and in this episode, she opened up about how she didn’t know she was going to be a fake housemate.

OSG: All right, so let me just ask, I’m curious to know, were there auditions for fake mate house needs for the show?

Modella: “No, So they auditioned everybody as like any other person. Then before you go in, that’s when they will let you know what you’ll be on the show. For me, it was like that morning, I was getting my air door and makeup, I was getting ready because I stayed in lockdown longer than others because we’re supposed to say like for a week. I said for two weeks. I was already depressed about that and I was already crying that morning. I was getting dressed and just called me and they said, can we have a private section with you so you be sick of me? They don’t pay for the morning. I’m like? And they’re like, okay, you have to make your decision now.

I will spend so much. I was prepared, and I have everything ready to go. And yeah that was what happened. I didn’t know the person now. I didn’t know what the role of a fixed asset was before I entered the house. They just told me that morning. So it doesn’t make me go in excited like that much because of course everybody wants there was no special edition. I didn’t have enough time to process the old.”

OSG: : You didn’t know how to even deliver


Modella: “I had no idea. When I was going on the show, I said, okay, it’s a live show, right? Go there and be yourself. That was my plan. I didn’t have one crazy strategy anyway. Of course, I tolerate people in lots, and if you step on my toes, like really hard to fire back. I would not like to pick a fight on something

So I don’t like to be myself undiluted. That’s what I wanted to so even going to a safe house, I still wanted to be myself. Like I’m not coming as if I’m on set for acts, I’m on actress right now. But being myself, that’s just what I wanted to be on the show. So I did not know beneficial had a special room or anything like that.”

OSG: All right, so I’m talking about your experience in the house the week where you hope for possible eviction. Bryan doing his Diary session mentioned to biggie that he wanted to put a mini picnic for you in the house. That was just so sweet of him because he was ready to spend his money on you, right? Of course, now that you’re out of the house. So how do you feel knowing that Brian had such plans to make you happy before the Sunday fiction?

Modella: “He told me about it. He told me later. So if I can say something is coming up, I’m like, what? Can you tell me? Boy no, just calm down. Can you believe me? I’m like, okay, I can’t believe you. So he told me, I think, last week that he wanted to find something. It’s all good. Even if I didn’t get on the show, like as early as I should have, I still had someone that cared about me and it felt really good and for him to come up with something like that because I don’t think I’ve seen anybody on issues.”

OSG: so let’s just talk about your experience in the house. There was a time you had a conversation with biggie’s house, the way you talk passionately about women helping each other and also accepting each other.

OSG; So can you tell us when and how this topic became passionate for you in the house?

Modella: “Okay. I said going into life, I wanted to be like myself, and review life. So I’m always passionate about women because I feel like most of the time, women, we’re the ones that bring ourselves down. I feel like if we all help, I’m not a person that wants to only stand out. All my friends, I want all of us to stand out. I want all of us to make moves and be out there Like if I went on vacation, everyone is paying for their trip. None at all.”

Let’s donate. I love a good woman. Like, if you can order and strong together and just uplift ourselves and just be better and just start, a lot of people think, oh, just like having a man job, you need to have someone somewhere that we’re helping you. Of course, we don’t need help, but women can still help us, other than putting ourselves down or not wanting each other to make it, you see men when they haven’t, but women, we’re not able to call ourselves.

I want to do it for myself, so I just feel like we can all help ourselves. So it is something passionate about.
Like, I’m passionate about. I love it when women are out there popping. I’m like, okay, strong woman. I love it. I feel like in the future I’ll do something for women, like, just on my own, just for the love that I have. And I love it when women are strong. Like, being a strong woman is something I love.

OSG: All right, so when you went to the biggest house, you went in as a fake housemate. You are also given a mission by Biggie himself. So can you tell us what the mission was all about?

Modella: “Okay, so to start with, I went as a sick housemate. And I didn’t know there was a mission. So coming out of your house made me realize that there was a mission. I had no idea. God sees my heart. Told you told me that I had attached it to your state. Asked me that this is your mission here.
Maybe that would have been direct and made me understand. Okay, so we always have tasks every day. Every day is a task. So I also like, oh, we gave you that task, and you have given every other person your task.

And the task was that, okay, there are some ships in the house. Can you shake those ships? I felt like it was a task. So trying to now get into the old thing. First and foremost, Daniela was like my best friend in the house. She was telling me about our relationship.

I don’t know, even normal people always look forward to telling me about this. Even if I’m single, people still trust me with relationship problems. So I like that. Want to bring down a relationship or ruin the old thing? That is about Khalid and Daniela and oh, we’re always together.

They were not so close like that, but we always have our bedroom section. We always together, we talked, of course, And she tells me how friendship means a lot to her. And of course, also, like meeting people. And we had a couple of things and the fact that we’re always together.
And of course, in my real life, honestly, I’m always in a relationship.

So I was looking for a way to put a trick in, but it wasn’t working the way I would have taught. And again, I just thought if I wanted to do that, that would be me acting and I want to show a live show to beat myself. So how does it correlate? It was just like mixed in for.

So I was looking for a way to put a trick in, but it wasn’t working the way I would have taught. And again, I just thought if I wanted to do that, that would be me acting and I want to show a live show to beat myself. So how does it correlate? It was just like mixed in for.

But on the other hand, if I had known that it was affiliated with me being a fake housemate, I would have done better. Yes, I would have tried it out because another person even forgets about friendship or whatever if they were told that you’re a fake house, for example, you can stay longer.

Of course, you would have wanted to become a relaxed. But I just felt like it was a task. Everybody has been given their task, and I just got in. I’m just trying to process the fact that I am a fake housemate. You almost missed my confidence. I’m not going to lie. Because spending one week extra and then going in, it was a lot for me.

But of course, I didn’t want that to jeopardize my chance in the house. A lot of people want the opportunity that I had.
I didn’t know being a fake housemate that comes with a role, maybe if I watched the show enough to know that I would have done better. I had no idea. Because a lot of you are expecting more from me watching the show.

OSG: how would you rate yourself from 1-10?

Modella:” of course, I will rate myself 10/10, am trying to be myself.

OSG: How many boxes did you pack inside the house?

Modella: I had 4 suitcases and two boxes from a brand that made my custom dresses, like big ones, of course, when I was preparing for this show, I was preparing for 72 days, that’s the mindset, everybody has even before I was told to become a fake housemate.

OSG: Talking about the hair, the famous frontal, or do you wanna talk about the frontal?

Modella: it fits me better, I like to bring my frontal to the front, it’s not for any other reason.

OSG: Talking about hair, Ilebaye has issued about the edge control, how did you resolve the issue?

Modella: Illebaye later came to me and you know my birthday was two days ago and she didn’t wish me happy birthday. She came to apologize that she realized her mistake, she was right on her path. You feel you are wrong. She apologized to me and she said, she was childish not to wish me happy birthday and then we resolved everything.

OSG: would you like to mention the Top 3 housemates you were close to in the house?

Modella: of course, that would be Daniella, Byran, and Doyin. Modella: Doyin is such a sweet girl, before, the merge, a lot of people have been saying stuff, they will be like, you dress well, she dresses well too, you guys are alike, both of you love soft life, of course, I don’t like stress.
Me and Doyin, we had a cup of things alike and you know our friendship was so natural. I love friends like that, I don’t like to force things, meeting Doyin was beautiful.

OSG: Doyin cried when you left, the whole eviction happened, and then, she went to the Garden and she was talking to Allyson and how Beauty left, cyph left and now the new friendship, which was you. She was just getting to know you and the next thing biggie took her best friend.

Modella: ” I love her, she is a straightforward person, I miss her

OSG: Let’s talk about the last wager, you put in so much effort, as a businesswoman, this gave you a perfect opportunity to shine. So, tell us about your brand, when you started, and your passion.

Modella: ” so, I own a skincare brand, All I sell is skin oil and exfoliating scrub, so I tell people, exfoliate first, to take out the dead skin cells before you start using the product. So basically, what I am about for the skincare brand is just glow internally and externally and stay beautiful.

I have been using my oil before I started selling it. people just say just your skin is nice, that’s what makes me start selling it. I am a business-oriented person, people call me this Igbo girl, of course, I grew up in Aba, Abia state.
I am from Osun state, I love business, the skincare, for now, is just body oil and exfoliating scrub to make your skin glow. I have another brand, I sell accessories, accessories, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

OSG:During week Three, tell us about your outfit, biggie commended your outfit.

Modella: ” I helped almost everybody to cut their clothes.
Whatever I am going at, I try to give in my best. So I didn’t learn to tailor but my mom is a fashion designer, she has a sewing machine, I love my mum, she allows her kids to explore, like if you want to do something, so go for it. I love and enjoy creativity, when I got to the house, there was a point, I was getting bored, I love creating stuff.”

OSG: Did you feel betrayed by Deji when Ebuka asked for the fake housemate to step out and he stayed back?

Modella: “I didn’t feel betrayed because he said she. Yes, he was referring to a girl, I almost didn’t step out cause I know am not the only fake housemate.”

OSG: How?

Modella: “I could tell, Rachael and Chizzy, Bigbrother asked me, I said Deji because we had that conversation, and then Rachael and Chizzy. Chizzy said something when you reach outside, you go understand so will people tell me that chizzy that just came had fans than Pharmsavi, it’s wasn’t. I could portray it.”

OSG: What is your relationship with Bryann?

Modella: “I like him not for relationship sake. he was my friend before, he told me he liked me and I didn’t want us to ruin it. He was cool with it. sometimes, we have a little fight. we were just giving of course.”

OSG: What is next for Modella?

Modella:” the actress, model, you guys should watch out for me, I want to go into entertainment, I am a content creator and fashion influencer.

OSG: Who would you love to win the show?

Modella:” Bryann, of course.”

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