Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi regrets going for surgery

Hushpuppi is a Nigerian big boy known to be rich and has a huge flare for Gucci and fashionable products. He recently went for a nose surgery.



The surgery was said to have been successful but Hushpuppi who has been in pains ever since, took to social media to lament and admonish the public.

His words below:

when lights are off, when guests are gone, I go through sleepless painful night sessions with tears no one knows about. Its really hard, it is really really hard.God help me.

If u have any problem and its not life threatening, pls don’t go and jump under the knife o cos they say health is wealth, live with it. This surgery things are far worse. I wish I left my problem jeje that didn’t kill me for all this years.

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