How to take amazing travel photos.

Taking a good photo while on a trip can be such a big deal especially when you want to capture every moment and your experiences of your trip, be it with a camera phone or your DSLR.

Travellers generally are curious, they want to freeze moments, tell stories and relive moments thereafter and taking photos, amazing photos is of a priority.
Here are a few things to try on your next trip to take good pictures.

  1. Envision the kind of photo you want to take, plan towards the shot, then shoot your shot!
  2. Identify a subject of interest and shoot through, you might probably be fascinated about the ambience, nature, beach or anything, take photos of that from different angles.
  3. Go closer to your subject and take from different angles, when you take a photo and you are not satisfied with the outcome, get closer and take more photos.
  4. Look out for lights and use a flashlight when necessary, when you see natural light, use it to your advantage, natural light can highlight and amplify subject or bring out beauty.
  5. Take lots of selfies, portraits and landscape photos.
  6. Take photos of strangers ( with their consent) you create memories that would last forever through your photos.

I think taking photos is actually underrated, you can imagine reliving, freezing moments, inviting others into your world through your photographs. Making people see through your eyes.

Permit me to say travelling is important but taking amazing photos of your trip is importanter.

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