How To Maintain A Curly Human Hair Wig

Nowadays, the fastest way to slay for an emergency outing or impromptu hangout is by using wigs to cover up the mess beneath. Wigs are stylish and fashionable, and no matter what your tastes are, you can always get one that fits. From natural to synthetic, to curly and then straight, there is a wide variety of styles and textures to choose from. Despite the fact that human hair is expensive, there is also a high tendency that it could get tangled in no time, most especially the curly ones. However, to avoid this, here are steps that could be taken;

1. Keep in Airy Place: The mistake most wig slayers make is that they don’t air the wigs. Considering the fact these fashion items when in use have the tendency to pick up dirt especially in humid weathers, it is best to keep them in an airy space. Placing your curls in an airy place would reduce the chances of a bad smell building up due to frequent use. Store your wigs in an airy place.

2. Hang, Hang, Hang: It is a good move to get a wig stand for all your wigs and not just the human hair. This way you can prevent tangles from building up as well as make a good choice when the time comes as all the wigs will be in your full view. By hanging your wigs, you also protect your wigs from insects that might be lurking in dark places.

3. Wash regularly: Always wash your human hair frequently. Washing them regularly would help to keep them in shape and form. When washing your weaves, it is important not to squeeze them while trying to dry them and they could shrink and tangle. To dry your weaves, simply place them out to dry with the water dripping from it rather than squeezing them, especially or curls.

4. Treat regularly: When you notice that your wigs begin to itch when you wear them, then its time to treat them. Treating your wigs regularly would make them last longer, reducing the friction that comes with itching.

5. Use rollers: It is imperative to maintain the curls on your human hair with rollers. They are most effective after a wash. When they are not in use, you can wrap them in rollers and then keep for use later.

When you know how to take care of your human hair, you can slay and not be bothered about any sudden mishaps! 

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