How Far Will You Go For $3,000? #MobilizeYourTeam

Ever since we told you earlier about the #MobilizeYourTeam contest for social media influencers sponsored by Mobilizr.net, Samsung and CCHub ( Read the story here incase you missed it  ) , Lagos city’s ‘finest’ have pulled no punches in going for the $3,000 a mini Game of Thrones if you ask me.


Apparently, all you require is a little bit of creativity, sometimes mixed in with a large dose of madness, Lol!!!!

Guyz are not smiling in Lagos, we’ve seen people doing all sorts.

-> The creative



MOBilzr 1 mobilizr 2

-> The motivational



mobilizr 3

-> The less-than-very-straightforward and the downright disturbing (Doro Pinky, why? WHY?)



doro pinky



Even The popular radio station in Lagos Beat FM got in on the action.  We even heard rumours that people are pretending to represent famous celebs to get peops on their team, so the Mobilizr Team went on the road to see what was really up and captured it live on candid camera for you (*wink wink*). Too funny…watch the clip below;




Guys, the game heats up. Everyone still has a fighting chance. Hey, there’s still $3,000 up for grabs, just put on your thinking cap. If you haven’t joined yet, you can still get in on the fun and madness.


Click here -> bit.ly/mobilizelagos




Disclaimer: This story is sponsored content, courtesy of Temi Ajibola of @teamMobilizr



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