House Of Representatives Urge Nigerian Customs Service To Combat Smugglers

The Nigerian Customs Service has being charged by the House of Representatives with the duty of putting an end to the activities of smugglers in the country.

This came after a lawmaker from Oyo State, Odebunmi Olusegun, pointed out that despite Federal Government’s laws prohibiting the importation of some items into Nigeria, some of these goods still find their way into the country.

It was noted specifically by Odebunmi that rice and some other food items are still being smuggled into the country through the borders despite the government’s policy against such.

“The rate of which rice and other food item are being smuggled into the country through various borders is so high that Nigeria has lost much revenue as a result of compromising activities of certain customs officers,” he argued.

The lawmaker disclosed that smugglers, through their illegal acts, have contributed to the dwindling revenue generation of the NCS, which in turn has affected the Nigeria economy. He feared that if nothing is urgently done to put an end to this, it may become too disastrous for the country.

Meanwhile, the House Committee on Customs was directed by the lower chamber of the National Assembly to work with the NCS to work out ways to curb the activities of smugglers in Nigeria.

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