“Hiring The Wrong Team Would Affect Your Business”- Abimbola, CEO SoFresh

Are you almost shutting down your business because you don’t have the right TEAM?

Frustrated about staff leaving you after you have trained them?

Tired of shouting every day because your staff don’t seem to care about your business?

I know the feeling because 9 years ago my business almost failed. I hired anyone including friends and family based on emotion, sentiments or familiarity and I ended up very disappointed everyday. One day 4 staff quit on me. That was the height of disloyalty I had ever seen. I realized that we needed to change our approach to hiring, managing and retaining staff.

‘Growth doesn’t just happen. You must be intentional about your growth’

Today, as the Co-Founder of So Fresh, a leading healthy food chain with over 150 employees, I have unlocked the code to BUILDING A GREAT TEAM and I can show you how. I have replicated this winning formula for my clients in their businesses and I can’t wait to do same for you.

Seats are filling up fast for the August class and you can book yours now by using this link https://abimbolaconsults.com/building-great-teams/Imagine you running your business smoothly with peace of mind. It all starts here!

Oh, I’m Abimbola by the way. I have almost a decade HR professional experience building my company; So Fresh, a reputable brand with international appeal that produces fresh juices, exotic salads, parfait and other yummy meals.

So, here is your opportunity to increase your market share and impact in the market place.

Click https://abimbolaconsults.com/building-great-teams/ to register for the online class on building great teams starting in few weeks.

You will learn simple and insightful ways to influence and build a great team for the long term and both your personal and organizational success will go off the charts.

I am super excited for a change that is about to happen for you. REGISTER NOW!!!


Much love,



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