Heritage Bank continues to lead in innovative banking services

In an evolving financial sector, you need the right bank to take you multiple steps ahead, from where you are, to where you want to be, with a robust ‘Financial Literacy Initiative’ aimed at educating small businesses and the wider public.

Heritage Bank Plc continues to lead in creating ground breaking innovations, creatively crafted to meet the demands of an ever growing active population of Nigeria with simple to use tweak in making banking experience much more flexible and fun.

The introduction of Octopus, an advanced intelligent digital experience, is the new green; a way to engage your markets, shop, bank, making payment of goods and services very seamless. Experience the Octopus, all you need to make life more fun and stress-free. An innovation very much beyond social banking.

With the click of a button, or by a simple chat request, The Octopus app enables Banking Transfers, Buying airtime, Movie Tickets and Paying bills, most importantly, interacting with people of common interest, while creating and engaging communities and events all in one place!

Heritage bank Plc operates with a philosophy to offer world class banking services with guaranteed convenience riding on the platform of simplified service innovation, leading technology solutions and experience driven relationship management.

Besides its commercial concerns towards customers, Heritage Bank Plc is known for its humanitarian acts. It is a bank focused on the wellbeing and development of the wider Nigerian population and has received numerous awards and applauds from the Nigerian Government in this regard. To mention a few; Heritage Bank Plc has partnered with Next Generation to educate and empower pupils and students of primary and secondary schools in Lagos, in a bid to help them take sound financial decisions in the future and to raise an emotionally intelligent generation.

To further this cause, Heritage Bank Plc held an event at the Centre for International and Advanced Professional Studies (CIAPS) in Lagos, tagged: “Brace Yourself For The Future”, showing the bank’s passion and commitment to playing its part in the Nigerian society.

Heritage Bank Plc has also introduced the “Sunday Small Market” in a bid to support its Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSME). As officials of the bank noted, it is another way of adding value to our customers, being known for supporting small businesses, the move will bring as many small businesses as possible together to display their wares and crafts, which are locally made, and linking them with their customers.

In collaboration with Bank of Industry (BoI) achieved a new feat in wealth creation and the curbing of unemployment among the youths, with the financing of the newly inaugurated Small and Medium Enterprise in Lagos. The development is part of the bank’s efforts to boost entrepreneurship in the country and will in return create employment and contribute to the recovery of the Nigerian economy.

Since inception Heritage bank has remained at the forefront of efforts to establish a robust branchless banking and technology-driven economy while promoting business efficiency across many frontiers.

Heritage Bank Plc is indeed a bank centered on entrepreneurial support and financial inclusion for young persons of the country, it is indeed a bank to tag along with.

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