Has Donald Trump Crossed The Line With This Comment?

Republican Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump has earned a reputation for a lot of things, but being careful with his utterances is not one of those things.

Having announced his bid for the Republican Presidential ticket, Trump has hogged media attention with countless cringe worthy comments. His comments on Mexican immigrants and his stand on immigration as a whole annoyed many.

Surprisingly, Donald Trump is ahead in polls, which might explain his desire to keep talking. At a GOP Presidential debate on Thursday night, Trump had this to say about the moderator of the debate Megyn Kelly; “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”.

Following his comment, he has been dis-invited from a Redstate conservative gathering scheduled to hold today. Many of his party members see his latest comments as one too many.

Has Trump well and truly crossed the line this time?

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