Greek Banks To Reopen Tomorrow After Three Week Closure

There is hope on the horizon for Greece as Greek banks are set to reopen tomorrow after a three week closure after the banks ran out of cash.

Greece only recently secured a third bailout but this does not mean that the worst is far from over in a nation which is now faced with stiffer austerity measures. The Greek parliament approved new austerity measures and the German parliament also gave their consent to give Greece a bailout.

The new austerity measures come despite the fact that Greeks voted overwhelming in opposition of new austerity measures.

Before the Greek banks shut down, withdrawals were pegged at 60 Euros per day and there has been official confirmation that the limit will be maintained even tomorrow.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has reshuffled his cabinet after a few members of his cabinets expressed open criticism over his handling of the Eurozone crisis.

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