Golden Oldies: 5 Old Songs That Still Gives Us The Feel

Golden Oldies: 5 Old Songs That Still Gives Us The Feel

So, they say nostalgia is a liar, and that old things are not as good as we perceive.

That’s true, to some extent. But there are some things that are as good, if not better than we perceive them, and deserve their place in our hearts. Well, some things are made to last and great music reverberates through the years, some even through ages.

While many songs are popular for defining a genre, and bending the auspices of what we expect, others stick in our minds for their sheer brilliance.

Yet for many of us, some songs were more than brilliant – they defined our childhood, and ushered us into adulthood. It was the music we danced to at our first party, and the ones that taught us love and heartbreak. When we hear them now, they take us back to familiar places once forgotten, and then remind us about all that we were, and how far we’ve come.

These are the music of our youth, but they still give us the feels.

Yeah, somethings never change.

1: Seyi Sodimu – Love Me Jeje

2: Wale Thompson featuring The Remedies – Lalale Friday

3: Remedies – Shako Mo

4: Plantashun Boiz – You And I

5; Styl-Plus – Olufunmi


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