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Forbes Most Overpaid Movie Stars of 2012


Forbes has released its list of Hollywood’s 10 Most Overpaid Actors of 2012, and Eddie Murphy has landed on top of the heap.

The magazine gathered its data by comparing the actors’ salaries for their last three films with Box Office grosses and studio budgets.

Forbes estimates that for every $1 Murphy made for his last three movies (Imagine ThatA Thousand Wordsand Meet Dave), the films earned an average of $2.30.

After Murphy comes Katherine Heigl, whose last movie One For the Moneyearned only $37 million for its $40 million budget.

Ranking at number three on the list is Reese Witherspoon.

Despite her popularity and success, Witherspoon’s rom-com How Do You Know was one of the worst performing films of 2010.

Her most recent movie, This Means War, was also a flop.

The next on the list are  Sandra Bullock ,  Jack Black , Nicolas Cage, Adam SandlerDenzel WashingtonBen Stiller and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Eddie’s career seemed to be on the ascendent again with a 2007 best supporting actor Oscar nomination for Dreamgirls and an announcement that he would host the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony.

But he dropped out of the hosting gig after producer Tower Heist director Brett Ratner left, and hasn’t enjoyed a hit since.


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