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Foluke Daramola Bares Her Mind On The Arrest Of Naira Marley

The arrest and recent trial of popular Nigerian musician; Naira Marley, has sparked a lot of controversies on Social media. The matter got celebrities alike commenting their stance on the issue. popular Nigerian actress, Folke Daramola has joined in such conversations as she expressed her thought towards his arrest and the aftermath of his actions. Foluke Daramola

In a video uploaded to her Instagram page, the actress said; “Sometimes I wonder how our people think. I don’t know Naira Marley, I haven’t met him before, I don’t have any form of relationship with him. I haven’t even seen on social media, Maybe because im, not the type that follows people..I Just stay in my lane. One thing I want us to know is that two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because there is no money in the country, there is no work does not justify corruption, does not justify evil. Because our politicians are doing it does not make it right for us to do it. It is really sad when we try to paint bad as good. I don’t want to mention names and I am not going to tag anybody. We should under stand the implications, the depth of what we do”.

Expressing her  thoughts further, she captioned the video; “My take is we have to start building a stronger and better Nigeria from u and 1 if we say cos the country is bad and doesn’t have anything to offer us then we will be the victims of our own misbehavior, never forget we are 1st Nigerians before anything and we can only but be 2nd class citizens wherever we find ourselves so y are we bent on soiling the name of our country further???!!!!”

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