Exclusive Interview With 2 Face Idibia – If Not For Music, I Will Be A Goalkeeper

In an exclusive interview with Innocent ‘2 Face’ Idibia at Blackhouse Media on Tuesday October 14th, he shared his view about artistes showing off their wealth on Social Media, Celebrities who are patriotic about serving the nation, His collaboration with Wizkid on ‘Dance Go’ theme song for Hennessy artistry 2014 and Joel, Kennis Music act, Bridget Kelly’s feature on ‘Let  somebody love you’ and his the death of his Dad who passed on recently.

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Tell us about Hennessy Artistry Experience and also working with Wizkid

It is a welcome development. The Hennessy artistry platform is all about blending music and bringing lovers of the brand together. Working with Wizkid has been a good experience. We’ve not done any song together before and this is the first song we did together. Hennessy made this happen.



2 Face Idibia and Wizkid performing in Ghana last weekend


When was the first time you tasted Hennessy?

The first time I tasted Hennessy was a long time ago. I can’t recall when I started drinking it.

You are one of the few acts that have enjoyed getting brand endorsements in the industry, tell us what the secret is

First, it’s the grace of God , my talent and support from my fans. All these added up to make this happen.


You’ve been in the industry for a while and you’ve managed to be consistent. There is a trend amongst artistes who like to show off their wealth on social media. What’s your take on this?

It’s a matter of choices. Different things make it happen. Some people have it and they show it, some people do it so they make people feel they have it. Some feel insecure so they want to announce to the whole world. Some people are looking for armed robbers to visit them so it’s different choice.

Why didn’t you choose to show off your wealth?

For me, whatever I am will speak for itself and I’m not going to fake anything or hide anything. If e dey, e dey. If e no dey, no ojoro in all.






Why the change of name from 2 Face to 2 Baba?

I cannot runaway from 2 Face that is inevitable.  The people gave me the name – 2 FACE.2 face now sound like English in my hear so I want to come down to Africa. It’s been a long time since I had the name 2 Face. It’s a way for me to go into another realm and level and my new sounds will confirm this. You sef go gree say na 2 Baba sound be this. I want it to be official for my fans to know the change of name so that when I release a new song or album in the future, they see 2 Baba.

You recently signed off for No Violence Just Vote. Do you have a voters’ card?

The last time they did it I didn’t have a voters’ card because I was not in Nigeria but I am getting it next year.

You did a song with Joel your look alike, tell us about it.

It was a matter of curiosity since and people have been saying he looks like me. So we decided we do the song so people can compare and contrast say no be the same thing e be and for peaceful co-existence.

Election is coming up soon and there are a lot of marriages between celebrities and politics, which part are you tilting too?

Over the years, I’ve never been associated directly to any political party. I have been associated with people. I have been advising young Nigerians to move from the fence and take a bold a step because we will only keep complaining. It is good for the young ones to choose a political side because it’s definitely the same thing. I never choose yet but I will definitely choose one. It is important we participate in this. If everyone understands that every party is trying to work for the betterment of Nigeria and then if the young guys get involved, then they will have a say in decision making and these people will retire someday but it will be dangerous if we just sit on the fence and not do anything and wait till they expire. It is only people like them that will take over. People who have good intentions for Nigeria, let them get involved and they start being in the process of decision making.

His take on his colleagues who delved into politics.

They are patriotic Nigerians and they have the right to serve if they wish to do so in any capacity.



Do you intend to go into politics anytime soon?

For me right now, I am only interested in the process, peaceful elections and advising Nigerians, being couragoues and stand against corruption. I also want  Nigerians to be involved.



On how much he charge per show

There is no fixed fee it depends on what the show is all about. It depends on my availability and the type of show.



Watch a short clip from the interview below;

Who is your favorite actress?

Jada Pinkett


Your album ‘The Ascension’ is different from your previous albums, tell us about why you choose to do something different.

For me, it’s all about the music and many times I am not afraid to experiment some new sounds. I am not afraid to put out what I felt when I went into the studio at that particular time. That’s just me being bold enough doing something that is not the common sound on ground.

the ascension album



On his feature with Bridget Kelly on ‘Let somebody love you’ track

I met Bridget in United States through a friend. She came for the same event I was attending and I told her I have this track I want her to listen too. We talked with her management, sent the track, she felt and she did her part.


On his Dad’s Death


Sepetember 18th, 2014 was postrate cancer awareness day and I didn’t celebrate my birthday. We kicked off  a cancer awareness campaign and it will be an annual  event.


His view on upcoming artistes, beats and lyrics

I listen to some of them and I laugh. There are two sides to that point. One of it is that, some artistes know how to package themselves and entertainment is a very broad industry. It comes in so many different forms. What this person finds amusing might be interesting to the next person. What this person enjoys might not be cool to the next person. Some people do these things delibrately and they have their plan. For those who say they know what they are doing, don’t mind them. But there are some who follow the bandwagon and they don’t have anything to offer. So they enter the studio and produce songs. As long as it works for them, it is allowed. They feel their music will sell itself and the talented people are sitting at home complaining.


On how he gets his beats and lyrics

There are times I write my songs as a poem and then translate it to melody. There are times the beat comes and then I go to studio and program the beats.


Which came first for Hennessy Artistry

The beat came first before the lyrics. I and Wizkid wrote the song.


On His former producer Nelson Brown.


The last time I saw him was at my wedding in Dubai


On his marriage with Annie Idibia and his kids


It has made me calm down on some kain waka waka and it helps me balance my life. Some of my kids have natural flare to sing  and three of them have interest in music. I didn’t push them into it.







What inspires him to write his songs

Life inspires me to write songs and general issues.



What other goals do you intend to achieve in your career?


I want to live a peaceful and content time. I will do music for a long time and then other businesses. There are so many opportunity out there, I will not as I want to be rich as Bill Gates or Dangote.


Over the years, you’ve associated yourself with so many brands. Which brand represents you most?

The question is not for me, it’s for the brands to decide. For me, all the companies I’ve worked with we’ve had a smooth and peaceful work relationship.


How do you like your Hennessy?



Describe your style

My fashion style is simple and sleek. I’m not a fashionista.


Do you love jewelries?


I am not crazy about jewelries. I like them.


If not for music, what will you be doing?

If not for music, I will be a goalkeeper. I like football but I’m not a football fanatic and it took me a long while to join a fan club.


How do you relax?

I used to read books ( John Grisham, Encyclopedia) alot but lately I watch TV – Crime and investigation, History channel, Disneym Animal Planet Discovery Channel. I am a TV addict and I get inspiration from them.




How would you rate Dammy Krane’s album?

It is the baddest album in town.



What change do you desire to see in the music industry?

Piracy is still on ground and it’s still a major problem. The attitude of many Nigerians towards music


Thank you for your time

You are welcome


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