EVENTS AT ACCcHUB: Week 5th November – 9th November 2018

STEM Club Make-Up Class Tomorrow

Hello STEM Club members!

We are proud to announce to you: STEM Make Up Class. We want to appreciate all our STEM Club members by having this Make Up Class for those that haven’t been able to attend previous STEM Classes.

We have heard your feedback and complaints so don’t forget to join us on Saturday 3rd of November, 2018 by 10 am for our Introductions To Robotics: Building With Lego Mindstorms Make Up Class.


Are you taking an online course? Do you need a platform that caters to those taking online courses? Then join MOOC Camp

DATE: Tuesday, 6th of November 2018

TIME: 1:00 pm

VENUE: American Corner at CcHUB 294 Herbert Macauley Way Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

Interested in joining MOOC Camp, Sign up here: http://bit.ly/MOOCCAMP.


Our STEM Class – Introduction to Robotics: Building with Lego Mindstorms continues next week and you are in for a great learning experience. The class is double the fun, double the adventure so join us, let’s learn, have fun and don’t forget to tell a friend.

TIME: 1:00 pm

DATE: Wednesday 7th of November 2018

VENUE: American Corner at CcHUB, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

Interested in joining STEM Club?

Sign up: http://bit.ly/STEMCLUB


Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to improve your business plan/idea? Or do you want to have an edge in business? Then join our Entrepreneur Club and get exposed to trainings, seminars and many other opportunities to improve your business.

Interested in joining the Entrepreneur Club? Sign up here: http://bit.ly/ENTRECLUB


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Thank you!

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