Relationship Blogger, Okoro Blessing Says “Social Media Does Not Destroy Love”

Relationship Blogger, Okoro Blessing Says “Social Media Does Not Destroy Love”

Nigerian relationship blogger, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka has shared her opinion about flaunting relationships on social media.

She took to her Instagram page to advise her fans on how best to keep relationships and marriages. She said trying to constantly impress people who don’t matter contributes to its destruction.

Her first post reads;

“Gentle reminder.

“Social media does not destroy your love, many of you were never in love”.

“Don’t forget it is what you show us that we accept, what destroy your relationships and marriages are the things social media can’t even see.

“Leave social media alone and marry for the right reasons”.

Her second post reads;

“Keep your marriage and relationship off social media.

“Is not because they will destroy it, it’s because you will destroy it by constantly trying to impress people who don’t even care…many of the things you post about your relationship and marriages are big lies.

“When we post the lies u say we are haters, stop posting u won’t hear. Not all of us are dafts Biko”.

In her captions, she wrote;

“Pls you people should just shut up.

Always looking for who to blame, it is no more ur mother-in-law and village people, na social media.

“You only show us edited contents, we don’t even know jack, what kills ur relationships and marriages are the lies u tell yourselves. Leave us alone, we dey our own jeje u come dey pepper us. Marry for the right reasons.

“Social media got nothing on u, na just gossip we dey gossip and gossip can’t break a real solid relationship and marriage”.

“Some of us are very very depth we are not shallow.

“Keep ur lies to yourself Biko. Stop trying to impress us, some of us are not daft”.

Her advice comes few days after model Fancy Acholonu and Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo called off their engagement and wedding.

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