She’s one lady that has defied lots of odds in her quest to be among the best in the Makeup Industry. In an interview with Rosemary Obi, CEO, Pro-faces by RM Makeovers, she talks about her life, business and more. Enjoy:

 Can we meet you ma?  

I am Mrs Obi Rosemary, a happily married woman with  two wonderful kids, and they are boys…(Laughs). They are five (5) and eight (8) years respectively.

How has it being so far,having to own a makeup firm?

Well its being challenging as well as its been wonderful.. Its actually my passion so regardless of whatever i go through i know its something i love to do.. Its actually fufilling doing it despite the challenges, and the more i push the more i realise what not to do next time..(Smiles) each challenge is for me to get better.


What’s your source of motivation or driving force?

Profitable, its being for 7years now. I started way back in the university, i wanted to go to a beauty school, but my Father was like noooo way! Being the  first child, I just had to respect him. While my mates where at the cybercafe browsing the internet, chatting sites and all, i’l be there browsing on makeup, joining make-up tutorials online that were only available or heard about abroad.. I graduated form the university in 2005.


You are currently going through a nominal reconstructuring, is there a reason you are changing the name of your make up firm, are you rebranding or going into some kind of patnership?

Its actually still the same name; its been RM LOOKS PRO because I havent really being into all types of make-up..I have just been in the bridal and fashion makeup industry but now I’m delving into PROTESTIC makeup,where you have the monster makeup, bruises and all that, so I think, this is a nice time to step up a bit. So now, the company is now called PRO-FACES BY RM.

 IMG_20131218_00163315 (1)

What brought about the change of name initially?

I was just led, i did a makeup artist competition in June 2013 (PRO FACE), that was when it actually occured to me.


You recently hosted female bloggers at your studio, how was the experience?

Well, it was a swell time, even though we had some logistics problems, it still turned out well.


How do you intend to cope with the current competition with bigger brands?

I am not in any competition with other brands, I am here to fufill what i want to do.I am aware of competitions though,but I’m not into any, i just want to do my best.


You are a mother and a wife, how easy or difficult has it been coping with those roles and keeping your business?

Hmmmmmmm, its not been easy at all, but its all about time management. It sounds easy though (smiles) but its not, i dont have a maid, i’m doing it all alone but definately God is helping me.


What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

Just have the passion for what you’re doing, as long as there’s passion come what may you’l get to the top. I always tell my trainees ‘see you at the Top’..if you dont stand for something,you’l fall for everything. Also, we run regular trianings for upcoming and would-be makeup artistes at very affordable prices. Anyone interested could always contact us on 07061536154; 08051402496 @RM_Looks.

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